Bug #4995

Pasting from word/open office freezes screen.

2012-02-07 15:21:15 By: darkspartan
Open Priority: 3 Resolution: None Assigned to: None
Applies to version 3.4.8 in firefox 10.0

Description of problem:
When you past something from word an try to input the text into tinymce tinymce freezes and does not let you do anything.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open tinymce in firefox (testen in 10.0)
2. Copy data from open office/word to your clip board.
3. klik on tinymce.
4. copy data by means of right click or ctrl+v

Expected result:
Text copied from clipboard to tinymce.

Actual result:
Tinymce freezes and is text is not copied.

When looking into this problem i found something just like it:
I also got the 'j is undefined' error and that putt me on the right track.
Whit a little bit of trying i managed to change the following line:
This fixed the problem as far as i have tryed it. The code is on line 12718 in tiny_mce_src.js file.


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