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Version 4.0.22

Added lastLevel to BeforeAddUndo level event so it's easier to block undo level creation based.
Fixed so multiple list elements can be indented properly. Patch contributed by Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen.
Fixed bug where the selection would be at the wrong location sometimes for inline editor instances.
Fixed bug where drag/dropping content into an inline editor would fail on WebKit/Blink.
Fixed bug where table grid wouldn't work properly when the UI was rendered in for RTL mode.
Fixed bug where range normalization wouldn't handle mixed contentEditable nodes properly.
Fixed so the media plugin doesn't override the existing element rules you now need to manually whitelist non standard attributes.
Fixed so old language packs get properly loaded when the new longer language code format is used.
Fixed so all track changes junk such as comments, deletes etc gets removed when pasting from Word.
Fixed so non image data urls is blocked by default since they might contain scripts.
Fixed so it's possible to import styles from the current page stylesheets into an inline editor by using the importcss_file_filter.
Fixed bug where the spellchecker plugin wouldn't add undo levels for each suggestion replacement.
Reworked the default spellchecker RPC API to match the new PHP Spellchecker package. Fallback documented in the TinyMCE docs.

TinyMCE 4.0.22 Released

Version 4.0.21

Added new getCssText method to formatter to get the preview css text value for a format to be used in UI.
Added new table_grid option that allows you to disable the table grid and use a dialog.
Added new image_description, image_dimensions options to image plugin. Patch contributed by Pat O'Neill.
Added new media_alt_source, media_poster, media_dimensions options to media plugin. Patch contributed by Pat O'Neill.
Added new ability to specify high/low dpi versions custom button images for retina displays.
Added new getWindows method to WindowManager makes it easier to control the currently opened windows.
Added new paste_webkit_styles option to paste plugin to control the styles that gets retained on WebKit.
Added preview of classes for the selectboxes used by the link_class_list/image_class_list options.
Added support for Sauce Labs browser testing using the new saucelabs-tests build target.
Added title input field to link dialog for a11y reasons can be disabled by using the link_title option.
Fixed so the toolbar option handles an array as input for multiple toolbar rows.
Fixed so the editor renders in XHTML mode apparently some people still use this rendering mode.
Fixed so icons gets rendered better on Firefox on Mac OS X by applying -moz-osx-font-smoothing.
Fixed so the auto detected external media sources produced protocol relative urls. Patch contributed by Pat O'Neill.
Fixed so it's possible to update the text of a button after it's been rendered to page DOM.
Fixed bug where iOS 7.1 Safari would open linked when images where inserted into links.
Fixed bug where IE 11 would scroll to the top of inline editable elements when applying formatting.
Fixed bug where tabindex on elements within the editor contents would cause issues on some browsers.
Fixed bug where link text wouldn't be properly updated in gecko if you changed an existing link.
Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to close dialogs with the escape key if the focus was inside a textbox.
Fixed bug where Gecko wouldn't paste rich text contents from Word or other similar word processors.
Fixed bug where binding events after the control had been rendered could fail to produce a valid delegate.
Fixed bug where IE 8 would throw and error when removing editors with a cross domain content_css setting.
Fixed bug where IE 9 wouldn't be able to select text after an editor instance with caret focus was removed.
Fixed bug where the autoresize plugin wouldn't resize the editor if you inserted huge images.
Fixed bug where multiple calls to the same init would produce extra editor instances.
Fixed bug where fullscreen toggle while having the autoresize plugin enabled wouldn't produce scrollbars.
Fixed so screen readers use a dialog instead of the grid for inserting tables.
Fixed so Office 365 Word contents gets filtered the same way as content from desktop Office.
Fixed so it's possible to override the root container for UI elements defaults to document.body.
Fixed bug where tabIndex is set to -1 on inline editable elements. It now keeps the existing tabIndex intact.
Fixed issue where the UndoManager transact method couldn't be nested since it only had one lock.
Fixed issue where headings/heading where labeled incorrectly as headers/header.

TinyMCE 4.0.21 Released

Version 4.0.20

Fixed so all unit tests can be executed in a headless phantomjs instance for CI testing.
Fixed so directionality setting gets applied to the preview dialog as well as the editor body element.
Fixed a performance issue with the "is" method in DOMUtils. Patch contributed by Paul Bosselaar.
Fixed bug where paste plugin wouldn't paste plain text properly when pasting using browser menus.
Fixed bug where focusable SVG elements would throw an error since className isn't a proper string.
Fixed bug where the preview plugin didn't properly support the document_base_url setting.
Fixed bug where the focusedEditor wouldn't be set to null when that editor was removed.
Fixed bug where Gecko would throw an exception when editors where removed.
Fixed bug where the FocusManager wouldn't handle selection restoration properly on older IE versions.
Fixed bug where the searchreplace plugin would produce an exception on very specific multiple searches.
Fixed bug where some events wasn't properly unbound when all editors where removed from page.
Fixed bug where tapping links on iOS 7.1 would open the link instead of placing the caret inside.
Fixed bug where holding the finger down on iOS 7.1 would open the link/image callout menu.
Fixed so the jQuery plugin returns null when getting the the tinymce instance of an element before it's initialized.
Fixed so selection normalization gets executed more often to reduce incorrect UI states on Gecko.
Fixed so the default action of closing the window on a form submission can be prevented using "preventDefault".

TinyMCE 4.0.20 Released

Version 4.0.19

Added support for CSS selector expressions in object_resizing option. Allows you to control what to resize.
Added addToTop compatibility to compat3x plugin enables more legacy 3.x plugins to work properly.
Fixed bug on IE where it wasn't possible to align images when they where floated left.
Fixed bug where the indent/outdent buttons was enabled though readonly mode was enabled.
Fixed bug where the nodeChanged event was fired when readonly mode was enabled.
Fixed bug where events like blur could be fired to editor instances that where manually removed on IE 11.
Fixed bug where IE 11 would move focus to menubar/toolbar when using the tab key in a form with an editor.
Fixed bug where drag/drop in Safari on Mac didn't work properly due to lack of support for modern dataTransfer object.
Fixed bug where the remove event wasn't properly executed when the editor instances where removed.
Fixed bug where the selection change handler on inline editors would fail if the editor instance was removed.

TinyMCE 4.0.19 Released

Version 4.0.18

Fixed bug where images would get class false/undefined when initially created.

Version 4.0.17

Added much better wai-aria accessibility support when it comes to keyboard navigation of complex UI controls.
Added dfn,code,samp,kbd,var,cite,mark,q elements to the default remove formats list. Patch contributed by Naim Hammadi.
Added var,cite,dfn,code,mark,q,sup,sub to the list of elements that gets cloned on enter. Patch contributed by Naim Hammadi.
Added new visual_anchor_class option to specify a custom class for inline anchors. Patch contributed by Naim Hammadi.
Added support for paste_data_images on WebKit/Blink when the user pastes image data.
Added support for highlighting the video icon when a video is added that produces an iframe. Patch contributed by monkeydiane.
Added image_class_list/link_class_list options to image/link dialogs to let the user select classes.
Fixed bug where the ObjectResizeStart event didn't get fired properly by the ControlSelection class.
Fixed bug where the autolink plugin would steal focus when loaded on IE 9+.
Fixed bug where the editor save method would remove the current selection when called on an inline editor.
Fixed bug where the formatter would merge span elements with parent bookmarks if an id format was used.
Fixed bug where WebKit/Blink browsers would scroll to the top of the editor when pasting into an empty element.
Fixed bug where removing the editor would cause an error about wrong document on IE 11 under specific circumstances.
Fixed bug where Gecko would place the caret at an incorrect location when using backspace.
Fixed bug where Gecko would throw "Wrong Document Error" for ranges that pointing to removed nodes.
Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to properly update the title and encoding properties in the fullpage plugin.
Fixed bug where paste plugin would produce an extra undo level on IE.
Fixed bug where the formatter would apply inline formatting outside the current word in if the selection was collapsed.
Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to delete tables on Chrome if you placed the selection within all the contents of the table.
Fixed bug where older IE versions wouldn't properly insert contents into table cells when editor focus was lost.
Fixed bug where older IE versions would fire focus/blur events even though the editor focus didn't change.
Fixed bug where IE 11 would add two trailing BR elements to the editor iframe body if the editor was hidden.
Fixed bug where the visualchars plugin wouldn't display non breaking spaces if they where inserted while the state was enabled.
Fixed bug where the wordcount plugin would be very slow some HTML where to much backtracking occured.
Fixed so pagebreak elements in the editor breaks pages when printing. Patch contributed by penc.
Fixed so UndoManager events pass though the original event that created the undo level such as a keydown, blur etc.
Fixed so the inserttime button is callsed insertdatetime the same as the menu item and plugin name.
Fixed so the word count plugin handles counting properly on most languages on the planet.
Fixed bug where the auroreize plugin would throw an error if the editor was manually removed within a few seconds.
Fixed bug where the image dialog would get stuck if the src was removed. Patch contribued by monkeydiane.
Fixed bug where there is an extra br tag for IE 9/10 that isn't needed. Patch contributed by monkeydiane.
Fixed bug where drag/drop in a scrolled editor would fail since it didn't use clientX/clientY cordinates. Patch contributed by annettem.

TinyMCE 4.0.17 Released

Version 4.0.16

Fixed bug where the editor wouldn't be properly rendered on IE 10 depending on the document.readyState.

Version 4.0.15

Fixed bug where paste in inline mode would produce an exception if the contents was pasted inside non overflow element.

Version 4.0.14

Fixed a bug in the image plugin where images couldn't be inserted if the image_advtab option wasn't set to true.

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