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TinyMCE 4 has gone through quite a few code changes as well as an updated user interface.

We are going to highlight some of the changes we have made in the next slides.

User interface API

We have developed a new user interface API for TinyMCE.

This is a much richer API since you can create more complex user interfaces such as dialogs using its built in layout engines.

The interface is now much more lightweight and easier to understand for end users. Complex items are hidden away and must be actively configured to be displayed.


A new modern skin is the default skin used by TinyMCE 4, retina ready fonts are used as icons.

The skin uses Less and is modularized, each ui component has it's own Less file.

These changes should make it easier to make custom skins.

Modern look and feel

Quick access to formatting options

Inline editing

TinyMCE 3 had inline editing support through the API, but we now provide an interface for more easy usage.

File structure

We have changed the file structure to match more common js project structures.

The number of files has also been dramatically reduced.

Basic structure


Updated build process

The Java build process has been swapped out with a Node.js variant for a much smoother process.

Code has been modularized using AMD and a special AMD compiler is used in the build process.

Unit tests coverage

A new TestRunner and more unit tests have been added, we have also included coverage reports on tests.

Higher code quality

All code has been rewritten to match a very strict rule-set of JSHint, code is also easier to read due to this.

Many plugins have been reworked to match standards and strict code quality.

Media plugin

Media plugins have been modernized with a new user interface and it now uses the HTML5 video/audio elements by default.

Easy and Smart GUI

Table plugin

Much easier to use table tools have been added, such as the use of a grid interface for creation of tables.

Quick and easy!

Paste plugin

Rewritten from scratch, now easier to control the paste filtering rules. Also uses the new W3C clipboard API.

CDN support

TinyMCE 4 can now be hosted on Content Delivery Networks (CDN), the old user interface prevented TinyMCE from being loaded from another domain, but not any more. Cachefly is hosting a public version for everyone to use.


TinyMCE 4 is considered stable and ready for production use.

Please submit any bug reports in our bug tracker on tinymce.com if you find any.

Thank you!

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