Keyboard Shortcuts

Complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

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Editor keyboard shortcuts

This is a list of keyboard shortcuts available within the editor body.

Action PC Mac Core/Plugin
Bold Ctrl+B Command+B core
Italic Ctrl+I Command+I core
Underline Ctrl+U Command+U core
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A core
Redo Ctrl+Y / Ctrl+Shift+Z Command+Y / Command+Shift+Z core
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z core
Header 1 Alt+Shift+1 Ctrl+Alt+1 core
Header 2 Alt+Shift+2 Ctrl+Alt+2 core
Header 3 Alt+Shift+3 Ctrl+Alt+3 core
Header 4 Alt+Shift+4 Ctrl+Alt+4 core
Header 5 Alt+Shift+5 Ctrl+Alt+5 core
Header 6 Alt+Shift+6 Ctrl+Alt+6 core
Paragraph Alt+Shift+7 Ctrl+Alt+7 core
Div Alt+Shift+8 Ctrl+Alt+8 core
Address Alt+Shift+9 Ctrl+Alt+9 core
Focus to menubar Alt+F9 Alt+F9 core
Focus to toolbar Alt+F10 Alt+F10 core
Focus to element path Alt+F11 Alt+F11 core
Focus to contextual toolbar Ctrl+Shift+E > Ctrl+Shift+P Ctrl+Shift+E > Ctrl+Shift+P core
Insert link Ctrl+K Command+K link
Toggle Fullscreen Ctrl+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+F fullscreen
Save Ctrl+S Command+S save
Find Ctrl+F Command+F searchreplace

Accessibility keyboard shortcuts

This is a list of keyboard shortcuts available within the editor user interface.

Action Key
Execute command Enter / Space
Focus next widget Right Arrow / Tab / Down Arrow
Focus previous widget Left Arrow / Shift+Tab / Up Arrow
Open widget menu Down Arrow
Open submenu Left Arrow
Close submenu Right Arrow
Close dialog Esc
Close menu Esc
Move focus back to editor body Esc

Note: Browsers/Screen Readers provide additional shortcuts within the editor context.

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