Local Upload

This example demonstrates local file upload feature.

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We've supported local file picking and image uploading for quite some time already. However making these features functional required some effort on the user's side, while not being immediately obvious, at the same time. Some effort is still required, but we decided to supplement the feature with an intuitive UI.

Once images_upload_url is defined in the config, an Upload tab will appear in the Image Dialog.

Upload tab

So a setup like this, will display a friendly UI simplifying image upload either by picking it up or by dropping it in, directly from the desktop:

See the Pen xLPoeV by TinyMCE (@tinymce) on CodePen.

All image uploading options are supported, including images_upload_handler (a way to define custom file uploader) and images_upload_credentials.

For more details check Upload Images tutorial from Getting Started series.

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