12. System Requirements

Official TinyMCE browser support.

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Browser Compatibility

TinyMCE uses advanced JavaScript and tries to be as smart as possible when it comes to different browsers. The main focus is on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

If a browser is not listed on this page it doesn't mean TinyMCE won't work, but it does mean that TinyMCE may not have been fully tested on that browser. To determine compatibility with an unlisted browser, try out the examples on our website.

Please use the issues tracker on GitHub to submit bugs on the listed browsers only.

Browser Windows Mac GNU/Linux
Chrome OK OK OK
Firefox OK OK OK
Edge OK N/A N/A
IE 11 OK N/A N/A
IE 10 OK N/A N/A
IE 9 OK * N/A N/A
IE 8 OK * N/A N/A
Safari N/A OK N/A

Features that require a modern browser

Some features require modern browser API:s to function here is a list of the features that require IE 10+.

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