Older releases

Older releases of TinyMCE are available for download
for both development and production packages.

ReleasesPackage Download
4.7.12Prod Dev
4.7.11Prod Dev
4.7.10Prod Dev
4.7.9Prod Dev
4.7.8Prod Dev
4.7.7Prod Dev
4.7.6Prod Dev
4.7.5Prod Dev
4.7.4Prod Dev
4.7.3Prod Dev
4.7.2Prod Dev
4.7.1Prod Dev
4.7.0Prod Dev
4.6.7Prod Dev
4.6.6Prod Dev
4.6.5Prod Dev
4.6.4Prod Dev
4.6.3Prod Dev
4.6.2Prod Dev
4.6.1Prod Dev
4.6.0Prod Dev
4.5.8Prod Dev
4.5.7Prod Dev
4.5.6Prod Dev
4.5.5Prod Dev
4.5.4Prod Dev
4.5.3Prod Dev
4.5.2Prod Dev
4.5.1Prod Dev
4.5.0Prod Dev
4.4.3Prod Dev
4.4.2Prod Dev
4.4.1Prod Dev
4.4.0Prod Dev
4.3.13Prod Dev
4.3.12Prod Dev
4.3.11Prod Dev
4.3.10Prod Dev
4.3.9Prod Dev
4.3.8Prod Dev
4.3.7Prod Dev
4.3.6Prod Dev
4.3.4Prod Dev
4.3.3Prod Dev
4.3.2Prod Dev
4.3.1Prod Dev
4.3.0Prod Dev
4.2.8Prod Dev
4.2.7Prod Dev
4.2.6Prod Dev
4.2.5Prod Dev
4.2.4Prod Dev
4.2.3Prod Dev
4.2.2Prod Dev
4.2.1Prod Dev
4.2.0Prod Dev
4.1.10Prod Dev
4.1.9Prod Dev
4.1.8Prod Dev
4.1.7Prod Dev
4.1.6Prod Dev
4.1.5Prod Dev
4.1.4Prod Dev
4.1.3Prod Dev
4.1.2Prod Dev
4.1.1Prod Dev
4.1.0Prod Dev
3.5.12Prod Dev